Chateau Catalogue number  C20001

Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works 3

Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto

In Appreciation and Admiration

Chitose Okashiro, piano

"My music appears before me

wearing a different costume in a different look,

and it is a very refreshing experience to me." 

(Ryuichi Sakamoto, from liner note)

"It certainly could be said that the recording of Sakamoto's works, performed by the composer himself, exists as 'the original' firmly established with the power of a single absolutely correct authority. Okashiro's performance of Sakamoto's works will challenge this and force the reconsideration of the supremacy of the original."

(Jun'ichi Komuna, from liner note)

1 Dear Liz  [3:28]

2 The Torso of the Blue Cat  [2:47]

3 Homage to Ryuichi Sakamoto, The Greatest Artist  [14:38]

     Theme and Variation on Motifs from "Bridge"

     for Harp, Celesta, Prepared Piano, Marimba and Microtones

4 Bridge - Music for Yohji Yamamoto Collection 1995  [27:50]

    (Yohji Yamamoto Fall 1995 Ready-to-wear Collection in Paris      Fashion Week)

5 Lonliness from "The Sheltering Sky"  [1:26]

6 The Day the Gorilla Gives Me a Banana  [1:09]

7 Dream from "Lack of Love"  [1:18]

8 Yamazaki 2002  [1:07]

9 Career Girl  [0:51]


TOTAL TIME  [54:33]


Catalogue Number: Chateau C20001

Live Recording at Nagano Prefectural Cultural Hall, Hokuto Hall(1,2, 4-9)

Studio Recording with MIDI Keyboard (3)


Special Thanks to Ryuichi Sakamoto

Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Carl Talbot

Supporting Engineers: John D. S. Adams, Paul Zinman

Recording Engineer: Hiromitsu Miyao

Producer: Chitose Okashiro

English Editors: JD Hixson, David N. Lewis

Thank You: David Paul, Chieko Shirasawa

Recording Date: June 15, 2004 (1, 2, 4-9) July, 2017 (3)