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Alexander Scriabin: Prometheus, The Poem of Fire Op.60

Piano Transcription for 7 pianos 49-Track Overdub

Transcribed by Chitose Okashiro


Solo Piano Works

2 Poems Op.63

2 Poems Op.69

Poem-Nocturne, Op.61


               Chateau C20003


What Chitose Okashiro has done here - is miracle! This "Prometheus" lifts you out of your seat and propels you into the cosmos of Scriabin's great vision. And this doesn't just occur in "Prometheus" but in hte accompanying short works as well. 

(David N. Lewis from liner note)

Gustav Mahler  

Symphony No.1 in D Major "Titan"

piano solo transcription by Chitose Okashiro,

based on 4 hands version by Bruno Walter

Chitose Okashiro, piano


MusicWeb International Review (UK)



Chateau C10001


…she is a pianist of phenomenal talent…To my utter astonishment, I was completely bowled over by it. At my time of life “astonishment” is an increasingly rare experience, so I’m more than content to be astonished.…there are lashings of rumbustious rubato and hair-raising hairpins that should bring tears of mirth to the eyes of even the most hardened Mahler purists…she finds something that to the best of my knowledge no conductor has found nor, I suspect, would dare to find: bedlam! Rarely, if ever, has that "heart" been so "sorely wounded". Of all the passages that have given me pause for thought, this one, more than any, vindicates Okashiro’s claim that there are some things that the "target instrument" of an arrangement can, in some way, do "better" than the original scoring…Pretty well all the notes you hear are recognisably from Mahler’s hand, and I get the feeling that Okashiro’s arrangement has somehow - and incredibly - hung on to most of them! In so doing, she has set herself a very considerable virtuosic challenge, which by the sound of it has brought her right up against the stops of her present capabilities. My guess is that the sheer block-busting effort involved, allied to the nature of the piano, is what produces this palpable sense of tempestuous chaos. What’s more, there’s no sense of Lisztian showmanship here, just red-raw, blood-curdling musicianship.… astonishingly audacious…  

  Paul Serotsky - MusicWeb International, UK-

“A Leaf”. Beatles Piano Transcriptions

Short Fantasy on “Give Peace a Chance”

       -arranged by Frederic Rzewski

Golden Slumbers -arranged by Toru Takemitsu

Michelle -arranged by Barbara Monk-Feldman

Aki 2.2 -arranged by Ryuchi Sakamoto (Magical Mystery Tour)

Yesterday, Hey Jude - arranged by Ichizo Okashiro

A Leaf -Paul McCartney

“billet doux” -Michel Block


MusicWeb International review (UK)


                          Chateau C10002


Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Symphony No.6 in B Minor, Op.74 "Pathetique"

Piano Transcription by Walter Niemann

(World Premiere)

1. Adagio - Allegro non troppo

2. Allegro con grazia

3. Allegro molto vivace

4. Finale; Adagio lamentoso - Andante 


New York Times Review


   Pro Piano Records   PPR224530

…her playing here is astonishing. With such a variety of texture and color, and so many notes flying by, it’s hard to believe that she doesn't have an extra hand or two. The opening movement's well-known, tender second theme sings as soulfully as a full contingent of strings. The frenetic development section, with its tremolos and thundering octaves, is surprisingly pianistic, sounding right out of Liszt’s "Dante" Sonata. The scherzo-like third movement is a tour de force, its cascading double notes whirling by with incredible precision. Undoubtedly you don't need this CD to become familiar with Tchaikovsky's last symphony, but if you want to be wowed by some staggering piano playing, have a listen.
Ira Rosenblum - New York Times-

Richard Wagner Piano Transcriptions

Tristan und Isolde

Wagner-Kocsis: Einleitung

Wagner-Moszkowski: Isoldens Tod

Der Ring des Nibelungen

Wagner-Brassin: Der Ritt der Walkuren, Feuerzauber, Sigmunds Liebesgesang


Wagner-Moszkowski: Der Venusberg

Gabriel Faure, AndreMessager: Souvenir of Bayreuth

Fantasy on themes from "Der Ring des Nibelungen" by Richard Wagner for 4 hands

*Chitose Okashiro & J. Y. Song

Pro Piano Records PPR224521

Alexander Scriabin: The Poem of Ecstasy Op.54

Two piano piano transcription by Conus & Okashiro

overdubbing recording

2 Morceaux, Op. 57

Feuillet D'album, Op. 58

2 Morceaux, Op. 59

2 Preludes, Op. 67

Vers la flamme: Poem, Op. 72

5 Preludes, Op. 74

Etude, Op. 8, No. 12 in D-sharp Minor, alternate version

3 Morceaux, Op. 45

4 Preludes, Op. 39

4 Preludes, Op. 37

Pro Piano Records PPR224519

Scriabin: Etudes Complete

Op.2 No.1, Op.8 No.1-12, Op.42 No.1-8


Op.49 No.1, Op.56 No.4

Op.65 No.1-3

Pro Piano Records PPR224510

Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works 3 

Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto

In Appreciation and Admiration


Dear Liz / The Torso of the Blue Cat

Homage to Ryuichi Sakamoto / Bridge / Loneliness

The day the Gorilla Gave Me a Banana

Dream from "Lack of Love"

Yamazaki 2002 / Career Girl 

Chateau C20001

Ryuichi Sakamoto 4 ~ Violin and Piano Works


Tong Poo / 1919 / Rain / Tango / Century of Reform

The Sheltering Sky / High Heels: Tacones Lejanos

The Last Emperor / Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Energy Flow / Suites for Piano / Oppenheimer's Aria from "LIFE"

Vl. Fuminori Shinozaki,  Pf. Chitose Okashiro




Chateau C20002


Alexander Scriabin Sonata No.5, Op.53

Claude Debussy 

Images, Book I

- Reflets dans l'eau

- Hommage ・Rameau

- Mouvement

Three Preludes from Book I

- Des pas sur laneige

- Ce qu'a vu le vent d'Ouest

- La fille aux cheveuxde lin

Three Preludes from Book II

- Brouillards

- La Puerta Del Vino

- Feux d'artifice

Toru Takemitsu   Rain Tree Sketch

Ichizo Okashiro   Moon

Pro Piano Records PPR224502

Robert Schumann

Symphonic Etudes Op.13 and Op.Posth



Arabesque Op.18

Domenico Scarlatti 

Sonata in C major K. 420 Longo S. 2

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonata in B flat major KV. 570

Frederic Chopin 

Etude in C minor Op.10 No.12

Aleksandr Scriabin
Etude in C sharp minor Op.42 No.5
Johannes Brahms
Fantasy Op.116 No.6 Intermezzo

Pro Piano Records PPR224501

Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works

Pro Piano Records PPR224532

Ryuichi Sakamoto Film Music

Pro Piano Records PPR224533

Walton & Franck Violin Sonatas


Yukiko Kamei, violin

Chitose Okashiro, piano

Pro Piano Records