It will overturn your fixed image of Prometheus,

revealing the totally new world of Scriabin!

While Scriabin's early romantic works are very popular, it could be said that people are not such big fans of Prometheus, masterpiece of his late period works. This CD is for such people as well. It will overturn common fixed knowledge of Prometheus = occult, revealing the totally new sound image of Prometheus performed by 7 pianos.  

Just released on Scriabin's birthday (Jan. 6) !!!!! 

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 Scriabin: Prometheus

Piano Transcription for 7 pianos

49-Track Overdub

Transcribed and Performed

by Chitose Okashiro  

192kHz/24bit Recording


Special CD Selection Award on Art of Records magazine in Japan

Special CD Selection Award on Stereo magazine in Japan

A great review on Asahi newspaper in Japan

A great review on Nihon Keizai newspaper in Japan

Great reviews on Art of Records magazine in Japan


Great reviews in many music and audio magazines such as Mostly Classic, Stereo, Audio Accessory, Classic News, etc. in Japan


Release Date (advance sale) in Japan: June 30, 2021

Distributor: Tokyo M-Plus       

Available at Tower Records, HMV and other CD shops and online stores in Japan

“I feel as if I listened to ‘time bewitched by music and pulsation of marking the passage of time.’ The darkness hidden in Scriabin’s inner world makes its appearance explicitly. His internal struggle she depicts resonates so vividly and emotionally with me that it makes me feel as if it were happening in real time. It’s the phenomenal arrangement. Needless to say, Okashiro’s rich sonority which her strong touch and pure tone color create, and herlarge scale performance giving thought to overall structure, are sharpest than ever, as those astonished us in her previous transcription CDs, ‘Pathètique’ and ‘Titan.’ 

---Takuo Ikeda, critic, from liner notes


"What Chitose Okashiro has done here - is miracle! This 'Prometheus' lifts you out of your seat and propels you into the cosmos of Scriabin's great vision"                                               

--- David N. Lewis, from liner notes


“The sensational ‘arrangement’…..Her performance far exceeded my expectation, and her world was far beyond my imagination…..I was astounded at the sensation I was thrown into by her performance as if I had been blown away in time and space with past and future stirred up…..the concept of ‘arrangement’ is expanded to the utmost limit, that is to say, this is ’re-creation by means of becoming completely Scriabin’…..her arrangement creates sound space orchestra could not portray. Sound of orchestra is perfectly sublimated into clear and deep tincture of piano, she rebuilds sound world ‘which should have been there’ (in orchestra version), and unfolds spectacular music with rich color tone. It is staggeringly beautiful.”

---Takehiro Yamano, Art of Records magazine, Japan



“…..(her performance) clarifies overall structure explicitly, which was ambiguous in original orchestra version. Even more astonishingly, monotonous piano sound creates far more various colorful tone than orchestra does. I’d say it’s miraculous to perceive how delicate color tone and subtle shade are exquisitely delineated, how sound is overlapped each other, blended in each other, and sometimes accompanied each other, which were difficult to emerge in orchestra version. It goes without saying that arrangement and performance of this album are extraordinary, but also I’d like to emphasize brilliance of her liner note…..her writing is completely on a different level compared to all writings about Scriabin and ‘Prometheus’ probably ever existed so far. I’d say a new era of new reception of Scriabin begins right here.

---Yoshio Maejima, critic


“….a startling disc has been’s beyond listener’s expectations, her tone is extremely colorful and sometimes meltingly voluptuous. Her performance has totally different charms from orchestra version. It’s superbly dramatic, filled with great conviction in every moment. ‘Two Poems’ Op.69 with mystic chords, is also exceedingly beautiful..... a splendid album”

---Tsutomu Nasuda, Art of Records magazine, Japan



Alexander Scriabin

Chitose Okashiro, piano

① Symphony No.5 Prometheus, Poem of Fire, Op.60

     Piano Transcription for 7 Pianos by Chitose Okashiro

     49-Track Overdub Recording, World-Premiere

Two Poems, Op.63

② No.1 Masque

③ No.2 Etrangete

Two Poems, Op.69

④ No.1 Allegretto

⑤ No.2 Allegretto

⑥ Poem-Nocturne, Op.61



Recording Dates:  Jan. 22, 2017, October 27 & 28, 2019
Recording Site: Palais Montcalm, Quebec, Canada
192kHz/24bit 49-track Overdubbing Recording
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Carl Talbot
Mastering Engineer: Andreas K. Meyer


"An Interview with Chitose Okashiro"

"Prometheus, Glenn Gould and Scriabin" by Chitose Okashiro

"Scriabin, Theosophy and Madness" by Chitose Okashiro

"The Overdub Process (with some pictures)"