An Announcement


Please be aware that it has happened that my name, my photo and my bio were used without my permission by Mr. Ciao Niu for his company, Spring Dale Invest which he established recently, on X (Twitter), his company brochure and Google map as his co-founder/artist. I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I am currently consulting a lawyer. I have never met Mr. Ciao Niu, never talked to him, totally unacquainted with him. I do not know who he is nor what his company is. I have already asked Mr. Ciao Niu to delete my name, however, my name still remains as it is.


I appreciate your understanding and attention to this matter.


June 29, 2024


Chitose Okashiro





Ciao Niu氏がSpring Dale Investという会社を立ち上げ、X(ツイッター)とGoogle mapと会社パンフレットにて、会社の共同設立者/アーティストとして、私の了解なしに私の名前と写真と経歴を勝手に使用しています。私はCiao Niu氏にはお会いしたこともなければお話したことも面識も全くなく、彼も彼の会社もどのようなものかも存じ上げませんし、全く関わりがございません。現在弁護士さんに相談中です。Ciao Niu氏に対しては、X上にて、私の名前の削除要請をいたしましたが、依然として削除されないままになっています。