An announcement from Chitose Okashiro in Regard to the Sheet Music Publications of John Adams Opera Choruses Volume 1, 2 & 3


My name appears as the piano arranger in the credits of the collection of choruses listed above. However, this is not a score that prints a hundred percent of my transcriptions as I completed them, but an altered version after an editor made changes to the work that I did. This includes the complete deletion of all the fingerings I entered and significant alterations to notes as a whole; partial deletions of notes, additions of notes and changes of register, not to mention alterations of notation and other things, that go far beyond the professional standards and boundaries of editing. There are many works with no alterations, but as for the places within the works where changes were made, it can never be possible to represent my intentions correctly at all; of my musical creation, expression or my intentions on pianistic technique and pedaling. For example, in measures 81-84 of page 5 of Volume 2 there is an obvious error of arrangement in the sostenuto pedal writing at the half note B in the left hand in measure 81 and at the eighth note B in the right hand of measure 83. This creates sound irregularities in staccato passages, which occurs by striking the B string again while the damper is lifted up on the sostenuto pedal. ※ This occurred strictly due to the alterations, and it doesn’t exist in my original transcription. As a transcriber, I have NOT given my consent to alterations. I am making this announcement belatedly since I didn’t even know that it has been already published until I found it, by accident, on internet in the middle of last month.


Feb. 12, 2022


Chitose Okashiro


※ Please refer to sample score on and use a grand piano to demonstrate. On an upright piano there is no genuine function of the sostenuto pedal.