About Chateau

After having released 9 CDs of her own from Pro Piano Records label, having sold approximately twenty-five thousand copies when her own album of Sakamoto Piano Works I & II went on sale in Japan, and upon the experience of producing close to 50 CDs for international pianists including Sergei Babayan and Micheal Block, Chitose Okashiro has established her own record company in New York: “Chateau.” 


The Chateau releases aim to provide listeners with maximum direct and profound musical contact, consistently operated and conducted based on the artist's own perspective and vision. The slogan is "high quality audio sound & new vision of classical music". Upon realizing that the old system of the music industry business that we have been relying on is slowly dying, Chateau was born from the people with voices which aspire to something new, individual and different. Chateau's purpose is also, to provide highly artistic products which pursue projects of pure interest, revealing new aspects of music. Spotlighting neglected and undiscovered unique music, and continuing to work on tasteful cross-over category repertoire, we seek new possibilities of performance, giving new meaning to the concept of compact disc recording. Our goal is to release CDs which overthrow existing concept and accepted ideas. In our age, we are experiencing many changes and overturn to the things in the past which were supposed to be and expected to be in a certain way. While recording industry business used to focus on only the famous composers and works until recently, people are

gradually getting interested in obscure and infamous repertoire they have not heard. Many people might feel quite offended by this Mahler CD and its transcription concept, however, at least we can feel "our work has just begun" because a stone to present the room for argument has been thrown in the lake. Beethoven once said there is no rule which cannot be broken for the sake of more beautiful thing, that is our motto. 


Chitose Okashiro's view as a producer


" I love a work as a producer, I am doing all producer's job by myself for my recording, and I do not want anybody else to do it. Having great takes at session is essential, but after-session job could be also crucial to the quality of CD and the quality of performance. Usually, I try 4 or 5 different interpretations at session, and take enough time for choosing takes and pondering how to combine them at studio. This process makes possible to see the whole image of music as picturesque construction which I am never able to see at live concert. That is to say, more similar to the process of work as a writer or painter. When a painter is at his work, he often times takes his time to go back to grasp the whole image he has painted so far. It is impossible at live concert with "time" art of music, but it is possible at  recording. Recording and live concert are two totally different art forms. Each has different standpoint of view and advantage. " 


Chateau has released 5 CDs so far, all of them were on the hit chart in Japan. Sakamoto Piano Works III was No.1 in the chart on Amazon site in Japan, and most recent release, Scriabin’s Prometheus 7-piano transcription was No.1 in the chart on Tower Records store in Tokyo, receiving many great reviews in newspapers and magazines.